Our Product

Our product, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a digital 3D environment where the users are able to observe and interact with simulations of diverse industrial processes.

Using the system will resemble a professional simulation sandbox, and – on the other hand – playing a modern video game, most likely with a VR device as a viable option. It represents the best of both worlds.

What is very important, all the simulations will be very accurately calculated, which makes the system suitable for professional use. The most current rendering techniques will be utilized to achieve immersive, realistic graphics. All detailed analytical data is available.

The product is meant primarily for industrial companies to have it applied in the following business processes:

Education and Training
Employee training (also: college and university education). Based on simulation scenarios provided by experts or created by educators. The gamification is a key factor for this process, making it more effective by an order of magnitude.

Engineering Innovations
The system allows to quickly create preliminary designs, e.g. for components and production lines, and test new solutions in a proven simulated environment. It can then serve as a virtual research lab for industrial solutions. An example application would be to research the Internet of Things applications in the Energy industry.

Marketing of Products
Our approach is “the marketing of truth”. The system allows the manufacturers to prove, in an engineering and scientific way, that their products work better than the competitor’s ones. For example, by simulating the emissions, one could show that his product is actually environment-friendly (which justifies a larger price of it). Also, every process is represented with its monetary value so that the user can see how her/his investment would pay.

What can you do with IndustrySim Virtual Platform?

Fig. 1. Primary applications of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform.

Users may use predefined scenarios for multiple industries; they may also provide and publish their own designs of factories and components. This data can be imported from external CAD/3D modelling tools; the system itself is rather for simulation than for graphical modelling.

The product is generally meant for B2B market (the small and mid-size industrial companies are the largest part of it), but it is also applicable for private users who would like to learn and play with industry. Thanks to gamification, it can then work as a pure game.

IndustrySim Cloud-Client Architecture

Fig. 2. The architectural sketch of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform.