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The world is changing very fast nowadays. New technologies develop quickly, environmental restrictions get tighter, and market competition grows day by day. This leads to the fact that the manufacturing industry has no other choice than to keep up an ongoing development and launch new innovations and solutions at an accelerating rate.

It should be noticed that people who build and run the manufacturing industry and its markets, including the market force, are actually we, the people. To collect information and gain the know-how has also become a critical issue nowadays when lifelong learning is a virtue.

In today’s world, where the consumers are more educated, simplistic slogans in marketing messages don’t hit anymore as they did in the past decades.

This is where IndustrySim comes in. We provide you with a tool that educates you, trains your skills, makes your engineering and innovation procedures smoother and, last but not least, carries the marketing message about your environment-friendly, high quality products out to the sophisticated people out there.

IndustrySim Virtual Platform - application for marketing of high quality, environment-friendly products

IndustrySim Virtual Platform used for marketing of high quality, environment-friendly products

The people using the IndustrySim Virtual Platform can be anyone from a top-level professional to a private person improving their skills, a senior or a novice. One thing that unifies them all is the interest in welfare, backed up by the environment-friendly manufacturing industry.

On this website you can find a detailed information about the product, the development team and our network of partnership. Remember to check our blog for new events and updates.